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Hello listener. I am 1HiT 1Der. The heart behind my music is simple, I make music to relax. It is therapeutic for me. After a hard day at work, I do what needs to be done for my family during the day. And late at night, I sit down and make music.


I make my music based on my mood. You can listen to my music and know what kind of mood I was in at the time. Sometimes I am in a fun, relaxed, sad, or freaky dance mood. You can listen to the music and be the judge.


Since I make my music based on my mood, I do not have a specific music genre. My music goes from jazz all the way to Techno-ish/Ghetto House music (I have a lot of moods). Because making music is therapeutic for me, I also have a lot of songs. I have over 50 albums and over 500 songs released.


The goal of my music is not to seek money from it (you can download my music for free here on my website) . My goal is to have people relate to my music and enjoy it. I do not have any music labels, companies or individuals financially backing my music. I pay for everything out of my own pocket. Sometimes, it is a lot. But my feeling is, you cannot put a price tag on what gives you peace everyday. Whatever makes you happy in life, do it. I hope you enjoy my music.




“Saving the day, one party at a time”

1HiT 1Der

DJ Spinning
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